Give the view panel a Bootstrap look and feel with 1 line of code

Currently I am working on a XPages app where I make use of Bootstrap to make it responsive. For certain reasons I am not using the Bootstrap4XPages plugin. Out of the box the view panel looks very ugly in a Bootstrap UI. So I started to look around for some code to make a custom Read More

The next steps…

First of all, thanks for all the positive reactions and encouragements after my announcement to start my own business. What had happend till now? I can tell you, a lot. Business cards Last week my newly created business cards has arrived. I liked the process to create them. After some searching I finally got at Read More

JQuery text complete plugin on a XPage

This week I came across a website with a cool input box. It was possible to put in text and @mentions and #tags, which gives some drop downs to choose from. I was intrigued by the possibilities, so I started to investigating the code, and was pointed to a JQuery plugin, text complete on GitHub. Read More

It is time to move on…

After 14 years at e-office I have decided to leave the company.  I will start my own business as an independent software developer / consultant at elstar IT. When I started at e-office in 2000, I didn’t know much about Lotus Notes. After 2 month as an Administrator, I found the world of Application Development Read More