Heads up for Salesforces Trailhead

Lately I noticed the increasing demand of Salesforce developers in The Netherlands and I like to explore new technologies. So I was looking for a way to start learning Salesforce, Rene Winkelmeyer, pointed me to Trailhead. I can confirm it is very refreshing way to learn a new platform, there a variaty of trails, Admins or Read More

2 years

Today it is 2 years ago that I started my own business as a Freelance developer and I must say I enjoy it every day. The past year I was helping out Belsoft with Application Development projects for their customers, but most of the time I was doing projects in the JEE world, working with Spring Framework (MVC, Read More

Mentoring, modernisation or liberation

Last week I was in Orlando for IBM Connect. The first time as independent developer and I was very happy to be part of the new format of the conference. My (short) take on IBM Connect There were mixed feelings about IBM Connect after last year. At the beginning you could this feeling again, but Read More


This month I had some interviews for new Java projects and I noticed when you start about Notes and Domino the first reaction is of ‘is this still around…….’. I thought what is the reason of this reaction?? Most it comes for not knowing the real power of the new Development platform created by IBM, Read More

6 months

This weekend it was 6 month ago I really started as a freelancer, after I worked for 14 years at e-office. And I can say, it was a very good period. The past I started very relaxed in September, try to find projects. Get found by lots of recruiters from the Java world. Had some Read More

2014 was a year of change

It is the time of the year to reflect the ending year. 2014 was a year of change in my professional life. Thanks I finally made the step to leave e-office and move on to start my own business as Freelance Java/Web and XPages developer. It took some time to take the step, but after talking Read More

It is time to move on…

After 14 years at e-office I have decided to leave the company.  I will start my own business as an independent software developer / consultant at elstar IT. When I started at e-office in 2000, I didn’t know much about Lotus Notes. After 2 month as an Administrator, I found the world of Application Development Read More