Make the NSF modern again with OpenNTF Domino API

Currently the Domino Jam 2025 on  underway, both on premise or online, where you can have a say about the missing features for the next Domino releases. Go participate today, One of the idea posted by my fellow IBM Champion Daniele Grillo about moving the NSF to a more modern NoSQL approach. I totally agree Read More

New Release: Generic XPages and HTML Widget For IBM Connections 5.5

Yesterday I have created a new release of the OpenNTF project, Generic XPages and HTML Widget For IBM Connections. There was a problem with the widgets in IBM Connections 5.5, which was caused by some tags who were not in the expected DOM structure and small problem in the javascript. But many thanks to Christoph Stoettner Read More

HR Assistant now as project at OpenNTF

Today I have added our winning application, HR Assistant, as project at OpenNTF. I have added the source code in a zip as the release, but I encourage you to go to the Github repository directly. Included a notice and license file, which is required for every project on OpenNTF. And last but not least, Read More

Hello Jackson4XPages f.k.a Jackson JSON wrapper

Last week I was thinking about the future of my Jackson JSON wrapper after I added new features, mostly because I needed them for my XPages pet project. Paul Withers was suggesting to contribute it to OpenNTF as project new style. At Engage I spoke with Christian about the steps to be taken, so I Read More

XPages help: DateUtils class on XSnippets

In one of my XPages applications I needed a lot of date manipulation. I came at a point to create a DateUtilts class with, in opinion, very useful Date and Calendar methods. XSnippets I have uploaded on it to XSnippets, so everyone can benefit from it. An example Is today between 2 dates output = true Read More

Start contribution to the OpenNTF wiki

At IBM Connect John Jardin was pitching the new wiki of OpenNTF. I think it is a very good initiative to collect as much as possible content about XPages and related subjects in one place. Today I have added my first wiki page about themes. I hope it will be helpful. I will call every Read More

OpenNTF Essentials – Conflicting Update site databases

Last week I finally found some time to start with the OpenNTF Essentials, mainly to get started with OpenNTF Domino API. So I downloaded the zip file from OpenNTF and put the update sites on my Domino server. There is one for the runtime and one for the Designer, so pointed in the Domino Designer Read More