Hello Jackson4XPages f.k.a Jackson JSON wrapper

Last week I was thinking about the future of my Jackson JSON wrapper after I added new features, mostly because I needed them for my XPages pet project. Paul Withers was suggesting to contribute it to OpenNTF as project new style. At Engage I spoke with Christian about the steps to be taken, so I Read More

Quick XPages tip: add pace.js to your app

Last week John Jardin pointed me to a very interested progress bar project, Pace JS. It is a loading progress bar which runs out of the box only by adding the Javascript and CSS theme. There is a possibility to configure it, but it is not necessary. Getting started I added in bower.json file the Read More

Update of the Jackson JSON mapper plugin

Today I was busy writing a REST API for a XPages application. That was a good point to update my Jackson JSON mapper OSGi plugin,which is an wrapper around the powerful Jackson JSON project. I have split 1 method in 2 and I have added 3 methods which accept a ObjectWriter as parameter. New methods Read More

XPages help: DateUtils class on XSnippets

In one of my XPages applications I needed a lot of date manipulation. I came at a point to create a DateUtilts class with, in opinion, very useful Date and Calendar methods. XSnippets I have uploaded on it to XSnippets, so everyone can benefit from it. An example Is today between 2 dates output = true Read More

XPages tip: add a new language to your app

In a previous post I blogged about how to make a XPages application multi language. The next step is to add 1 new language in total and no need to modify all the property documents of this new language one by one. Export the property file As I have the master property file, with all Read More

XPages tip: Multi language support for labels

Back in 2014 I wrote a blog about controlling the labels in a XPages application, via a web interface, backed by a property file which is inside the application. One of the most wanted requests was multi language support. So I added configurable multi language support to my applications. I used it at several projects Read More

Mentoring, modernisation or liberation

Last week I was in Orlando for IBM Connect. The first time as independent developer and I was very happy to be part of the new format of the conference. My (short) take on IBM Connect There were mixed feelings about IBM Connect after last year. At the beginning you could this feeling again, but Read More

XPages tip: My take on a bootstrap pager

On Stackoverflow I answered a question about the strange behaviour of builtin bootstrap pager of the Extension Library. Bryan Schmiedeler asked me to share my own renderer. How it started Before Boostrap4XPages was pulled into the Extension Library I already has a requirement of a Bootstrap styled pager in a XPages application. I gave Bootstrap4XPages a Read More

XPages quicktip: use the Calendar build in Months

  For a XPages application there was the need to set a Date to a certain date in Java, off course 😉 For this I always use the java.util.Calendar class, because it have some nice extra features. The start is pretty straight forward, get an instance of the Calendar. Next is set the Calendar to a certain Read More

From the archive: How to customize theXPages CKEditor toolbar with a Java bean

I was reading the blog post from Marky Roden about ‘How to easily hide an XPages CKEditor toolbar‘. I was thinking back at e-office I wrote also a blog about customising the Toolbar of the CKEditor. I found it in the way back machine, because the took the domino-weblog down after I left. Here is Read More