Added Bootstrap Growl notification to an XPage application

On my current project, who I wrote several blog posts before, I was missing something, the possibility to notify users when a backend process was finished. After I read the post of Jesse Gallagher, Generating Toaster, dGrowl, etc. Notifications From Server Code, I was wondering if I can use this principle for Growl. I found a Read More

Give the XPages File download control a bootstrap UI

As I wrote before, I am developing a version 2.0 of Planning Portal app, with responsive design. My goal was to try get everything a bootstrap UI, last blog was about the File Upload control. At last the File Download Control was remaining. The display is not that bad, but I doesn’t like the remove Read More

Bootstrap UI for XPages File Upload component

On my current XPages project, I use bootstrap, as I wrote in my previous blog item. In the end I ended up with not so pretty file upload control on, so after some searching I found a very neat example. It require only an element around your file upload control, some CSS and a few lines Read More

Bootstrap datetimepicker for XPages

On my current project I use bootstrap to make the whole app responsive. For some forms I needed a date and time picker, so my first stop is Mark Leusink’s Bootstrap4XPages demo website, where I discovered a date and time picker. After some trying to get the styling right, I turned to google to find Read More