My steps in the JSF 2.0 world

The last 2 weeks were very interesting, starting at a new customer as a Java developer on a JSF2.0 project. XPages are based on highly customised version of JSF 1.1 at the base.   Annotations The big advantage if JSF 2.0 is build in of Annotations. Very useful, like the @Formulas back, in my case, Read More

A step outside the yellow bubble

I am enjoying my new life as freelancer very much. Responsible for everything, it gives me a sort of relaxation. Till now I did some small projects, this week I finished a Quickr related one. Next week I will start a new project at a Dutch insurance company. It will be a pure Java project, Read More

Say hello to InstallJack

Today the news went out about tooling to simplify the installation of IBM Connections. As a developer I saw always the   admin struggle with the installation of IBM Connections, lots of components to install and in the right order, correct me if I am wrong. Nice to see that Belsoft is taking up the Read More

Control the labels in a XPage app

When I develop XPages applications I always use properties files, stored in the files section under Resources in the application. When the application is finished I can easily copy the properties file and create a new language file, and  let it controlled by a Language bean to display the labels in the application based by Read More