My slides of SNoUG 2015: Let’s serve your data

Yesterday I attended the SNoUG event in Zurich, Switzerland as a speaker. My session was about servlets, and then especially the OSGi servlets. I created also sample plugins for a Domino OSGi servlet and a web app for a servlet on other Java servers, like Websphere, Tomcat and JBoss. In between there is a plugin Read More

From the archive: How to customize theXPages CKEditor toolbar with a Java bean

I was reading the blog post from Marky Roden about ‘How to easily hide an XPages CKEditor toolbar‘. I was thinking back at e-office I wrote also a blog about customising the Toolbar of the CKEditor. I found it in the way back machine, because the took the domino-weblog down after I left. Here is Read More

Jackson JSON wrapper plugin

A while ago I wrote a OSGi plugin to make the excellent Jackson JSON library available for every application on a Domino server. It works fine, except the security issue. Today I was reading the blog post of John Dalsgaard about ‘Elevating permissions on your third party jar‘. This inspired me to rewrite my Jackson Read More