Quick XPages tip: add pace.js to your app

Last week John Jardin pointed me to a very interested progress bar project, Pace JS. It is a loading progress bar which runs out of the box only by adding the Javascript and CSS theme. There is a possibility to configure it, but it is not necessary. Getting started I added in bower.json file the Read More

Update of the Jackson JSON mapper plugin

Today I was busy writing a REST API for a XPages application. That was a good point to update my Jackson JSON mapper OSGi plugin,which is an wrapper around the powerful Jackson JSON project. I have split 1 method in 2 and I have added 3 methods which accept a ObjectWriter as parameter. New methods Read More

Nice workaround to JSF 1.x EL limitation

At a customer we have portals build with JSF 1.2, yeah I know ;-). Today is was interesting to found a solution for a problem. In JSF 1.x there is a limitation of the Expression Language. It is not possible to pass parameters  in methods in EL to controller bean. I found a nice workaround Read More

XPages help: DateUtils class on XSnippets

In one of my XPages applications I needed a lot of date manipulation. I came at a point to create a DateUtilts class with, in opinion, very useful Date and Calendar methods. XSnippets I have uploaded on it to XSnippets, so everyone can benefit from it. An example Is today between 2 dates output = true Read More

XPages tip: add a new language to your app

In a previous post I blogged about how to make a XPages application multi language. The next step is to add 1 new language in total and no need to modify all the property documents of this new language one by one. Export the property file As I have the master property file, with all Read More

XPages tip: Multi language support for labels

Back in 2014 I wrote a blog about controlling the labels in a XPages application, via a web interface, backed by a property file which is inside the application. One of the most wanted requests was multi language support. So I added configurable multi language support to my applications. I used it at several projects Read More

Start contribution to the OpenNTF wiki

At IBM Connect John Jardin was pitching the new wiki of OpenNTF. I think it is a very good initiative to collect as much as possible content about XPages and related subjects in one place. Today I have added my first wiki page about themes. I hope it will be helpful. I will call every Read More