Xcode update breaks Bower, but there is a solution

Recently I did some investigation to use Bower in XPages. Bower is a very powerful tool to keep all your front end frameworks updated and also keep track of dependencies. Today I was adding Bower support to an existing XPages app, by adding the bower.json and .bowerrc files to the root of the GIT repository Read More


Yesterday I read the blog post by Keith Strickland about CSJS Workflow, where he mentioned Bower. I heard the name  frequently when I was exploring the modern web development frameworks, like AngularJS and NodeJS. So I started to investigate, what is Bower and how it can help me by managing the frameworks in my (XPages) projects. Read More

My running plans fall 2014

My main hobby, as many already know, is running. The last years more and more off the road, trail running, and long distance. My main focus is to enjoy running and the time is not important anymore, like the philosophy is of many trail runners. Last week I was thinking about my planning for this Read More

My way to Internationalisation Pager controls

This morning I read a blog from Patrick Kwinten about a internationalisation a pager control in XPages. As stated in the comments I am not fan of the way it done in XPages and do it my own way. But let’s take the Pagers control as an example.   Own property file In the files Read More