under Apache 2.0 license

Nathan Freeman commented on my previous post about a phase listener for Multi Growl messages, to share my code on XSnippets or provide a license to my blog. I decided to add a license to my blog. So a of today my blog is under Apache 2.0 license. All the code can be used by Read More

My take on a Multi Growl messages phaselistner for XPages

I was triggered by the blog entry of Michael Smith about BootAlert share my code I am using currently in some XPages apps. Back in august 2014 I wrote already a blog about adding Growl messages to my XPages. There is also described which Bootstrap Growl library I am using. It was easy to implement, Read More

Jackson JSON mapper plugin for XPages

To work in Java with JSON there are several libraries, like GSON, JSON-simple and even the IBM version. They are very easy to use. In my recent J2EE projects their was always a need of consuming JSON and returning JSON. The library we used their was Jackson JSON library. It was a refreshing way to work with JSON Read More