Spring Cloud Function on Azure run locally

I am busy with a demo application to show the power of Cloud Functions in general and specific Spring Cloud Function. I was already able to deploy the Demo application on IBM Cloud, next step is to run in it on Azure. Prepare the application I found a very good article by Microsoft which explain Read More

Spring One Platform as a first timer

Last week it was the first time I attend Spring One Platform conference in Austin. It is the conference all around the Spring Framework. A very vibrant open source framework which coordinates by Pivotal. Road to Austin A friend of my has joined me (again), so we flew on a direct KLM flight to Houston Read More

Java Tip: post Clob data to stored procedure in Oracle with Spring Framework

Currently I am very busy with a new Java webapp project. One of the specifiactions was to collect XML data and store it via an Stored Procedure in a Oracle table. The XML data can be very large so we should use CLOB (Character Large Object ). For details, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CLOB. The customer is using for all Read More