XPages tip: Demo code for multi language support

Over time I wrote a few blogs about my way to support multi language in a XPages app. Control the labels in a XPage app Multi language support for labels add a new language to your app Very nice, but I got requests about a demo db. I created a demo database which is available as Read More

XPages tip: Multi language support for labels

Back in 2014 I wrote a blog about controlling the labels in a XPages application, via a web interface, backed by a property file which is inside the application. One of the most wanted requests was multi language support. So I added configurable multi language support to my applications. I used it at several projects Read More

Quick XPages tip: Show validation status icon on bootstrap tabs

In one of my XPages projects I use bootstrap tabs to make it user friendly. One down side is that on different tabs are required fields, so when the validation failed there is no clear overview which fields need to be filled in. On the web I found the JQuery project, form validation, with a Read More

Added Bootstrap Growl notification to an XPage application

On my current project, who I wrote several blog posts before, I was missing something, the possibility to notify users when a backend process was finished. After I read the post of Jesse Gallagher, Generating Toaster, dGrowl, etc. Notifications From Server Code, I was wondering if I can use this principle for Growl. I found a Read More

Give the XPages File download control a bootstrap UI

As I wrote before, I am developing a version 2.0 of Planning Portal app, with responsive design. My goal was to try get everything a bootstrap UI, last blog was about the File Upload control. At last the File Download Control was remaining. The display is not that bad, but I doesn’t like the remove Read More

Bootstrap UI for XPages File Upload component

On my current XPages project, I use bootstrap, as I wrote in my previous blog item. In the end I ended up with not so pretty file upload control on, so after some searching I found a very neat example. It require only an element around your file upload control, some CSS and a few lines Read More

Bootstrap datetimepicker for XPages

On my current project I use bootstrap to make the whole app responsive. For some forms I needed a date and time picker, so my first stop is Mark Leusink’s Bootstrap4XPages demo website, where I discovered a date and time picker. After some trying to get the styling right, I turned to google to find Read More

Give the view panel a Bootstrap look and feel with 1 line of code

Currently I am working on a XPages app where I make use of Bootstrap to make it responsive. For certain reasons I am not using the Bootstrap4XPages plugin. Out of the box the view panel looks very ugly in a Bootstrap UI. [dropshadowbox align=”none” effect=”lifted-both” width=”500px” height=”” background_color=”#ffffff” border_width=”1″ border_color=”#dddddd” ][/dropshadowbox] So I started to Read More