Plugin updates: search and date format

Today I made a few changes to the Cloudant connnector and Jackson4XPages plugin. Jackson4XPages I added a new constructor of the JacksonWrapper, a boolean, to control the date format output in the JSON. By default it is true, so the output format is a Timestamp, but if you need a real date, pass false to Read More

A small update to my Multi language 4 XPages demo

Last week I have posted a demo database of my way to add multi language to a XPages application. Today Patrick Kwinten pinged me on Slack about an 500 error he was hitting when he access the database from the browser. After some investigation via Slack it the cause of the error was an external Read More

XPages tip: Demo code for multi language support

Over time I wrote a few blogs about my way to support multi language in a XPages app. Control the labels in a XPage app Multi language support for labels add a new language to your app Very nice, but I got requests about a demo db. I created a demo database which is available as Read More

Update on my Cloudant connector for XPages

A few weeks ago I released a small OSGi plugin project which connect to Cloudant. More details, see my previous blog. I have changed the plugin completly 😉 One of the reasons is to make it easier in the future to add new functionality. There are so much nice feature to be added. What is new Read More

Cloudant-connector for XPages

At Engage I was triggered by a great session of Niklas Heidloff of all the goodies on BlueMix. He was mentioning Cloudant, which is used for Node-Red, and simularities with the Notes Database. Like documents, views and even replication. Not that weird as you start looking closer, Cloudant is the cloud version of CouchDb. Which Read More

Quick XPages tip: add pace.js to your app

Last week John Jardin pointed me to a very interested progress bar project, Pace JS. It is a loading progress bar which runs out of the box only by adding the Javascript and CSS theme. There is a possibility to configure it, but it is not necessary. Getting started I added in bower.json file the Read More

Update of the Jackson JSON mapper plugin

Today I was busy writing a REST API for a XPages application. That was a good point to update my Jackson JSON mapper OSGi plugin,which is an wrapper around the powerful Jackson JSON project. I have split 1 method in 2 and I have added 3 methods which accept a ObjectWriter as parameter. New methods Read More

Nice workaround to JSF 1.x EL limitation

At a customer we have portals build with JSF 1.2, yeah I know ;-). Today is was interesting to found a solution for a problem. In JSF 1.x there is a limitation of the Expression Language. It is not possible to pass parameters  in methods in EL to controller bean. I found a nice workaround Read More

XPages help: DateUtils class on XSnippets

In one of my XPages applications I needed a lot of date manipulation. I came at a point to create a DateUtilts class with, in opinion, very useful Date and Calendar methods. XSnippets I have uploaded on it to XSnippets, so everyone can benefit from it. An example Is today between 2 dates output = true Read More

XPages tip: add a new language to your app

In a previous post I blogged about how to make a XPages application multi language. The next step is to add 1 new language in total and no need to modify all the property documents of this new language one by one. Export the property file As I have the master property file, with all Read More