Nice workaround to JSF 1.x EL limitation

At a customer we have portals build with JSF 1.2, yeah I know ;-). Today is was interesting to found a solution for a problem. In JSF 1.x there is a limitation of the Expression Language. It is not possible to pass parameters  in methods in EL to controller bean. I found a nice workaround Read More


This month I had some interviews for new Java projects and I noticed when you start about Notes and Domino the first reaction is of ‘is this still around…….’. I thought what is the reason of this reaction?? Most it comes for not knowing the real power of the new Development platform created by IBM, Read More

A step outside the yellow bubble

I am enjoying my new life as freelancer very much. Responsible for everything, it gives me a sort of relaxation. Till now I did some small projects, this week I finished a Quickr related one. Next week I will start a new project at a Dutch insurance company. It will be a pure Java project, Read More